Curated Investments. Compound Growth.

Too busy with your day job to dedicate the time and energy it takes to get into real estate investing?
Concerned you’ll never be able to retire or enjoy the fruits of your labor?
With Yield Coach, we know those fears and struggles because we’ve been there. Our deals are tailored to your goals and motivations.
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Yield Coach Founder – Ian Brown

What We Do

  • Investment Use the Investor tab to access our portal that hosts our past and current offerings.

  • Media Our Podcast tab shows our episodes, social media, and Youtube channel.

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“I’ve been lucky to have Ian as advisor on deals and it has helped me tremendously. He breaks down the real estate game in ways that are so simple to understand and take action on.”
Eric M.
“I was a practicing attorney for nearly 10 years, but I knew very little about real estate brokerage and investment. If you want to learn about investing in real estate and turning that into a viable career, I cannot recommend Ian enough.”
Angela F.

“I really appreciate everything I have learned from Ian. As someone who wants to generate more income, I feel he has given me concrete tools to move forward with.”

Nathan S.
“Working with Ian enabled us to see the bigger picture in our land investment decisions and secure the ideal property. His knowledge, experience, integrity, and overall ability makes him an excellent teacher.”
Lauren W.

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